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“Mixed Emotions” is a playful dance between mediums. A look within the restless mind. The battle for time, space, feelings, and forgiveness. The reluctant vulnerability of man. 

Chad works in two separate but complimentary mediums: abstract painting on canvas, and cut/paste collage works on paper. The paintings are rich in color and texture. Blurred references of figurative and environmental narratives. The techniques are purposefully experimental, using wood glue, spackling, and other materials commonly found throughout his life. His inspiration emerges from nature, experiences, and people. The collage works are hand-picked snippets from various publications, compositionally manipulated into surreal environments. Each scene is carefully curated, telling a story that is determined by fate. A collaboration with endless possibilities. 

Statement by the artist: 
“My work is unplanned and is felt fully through its process. It is the act of feeling. The raw exploration of an unpredictable acceptance of change. Every second developing brings me enlightenment and every minute passes in a playful state. The release of an energy that is recycled. An intentional lack of intent, an unconscious unveiling of childhood traumas, and a welcoming vagueness to relate to. It is not important for me to tell you what each painting “means.” It will exists no matter what. There is not one perspective, but endless perspectives. The beauty is simply in the openness of “seeing.”

The show opens on Saturday, April 6th, 7pm-10pm.

All works are available for purchase on request.

Refreshments will be served on the patio.

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